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ray ban sunglasses outlet sale and from China Garment Association, Guangdong Fashion Designers Association, Beijing Institute of Clothing, Xi 'an Engineering University, fashion designer Guests and representatives of the media nearly 200 people attended the inaugural meeting. Zhou Shikang, president of a romantic full of fashion in the space, along with a theme of 'a glimpse of the style of the teacher,' the wonderful fashion show, Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association brilliant curtain. Shenzhen is the development of China 's garment industry a high ground, the existing more than 3,000 garment enterprises, more than 1,000 clothing brands, the industry' s total economic output ranked the forefront of large and medium cities. With the rapid development of the garment industry, fashion designers in Shenzhen forefront of the country, has made a strong position, leading the trend of domestic women 's fashion. With the rapid development of the garment industry, fashion designers in Shenzhen team is also growing discount ray ban sunglasses

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ray ban outlet the active front -line designer have nearly as many as 10,000, many of them like to obtain the highest award of the national costume design - Luo Zheng, and Deng Hao, Zhao Hui Chau, Xie Haiping such talented designers. However, due to long-term lack Of their own industry organizations, these designers scattered in the spontaneous growth of civil society, can not form a concerted effort, its appeal can not be social concern, it is difficult to enjoy the government 's supportive policies, the overall level of improvement to Some extent Constraints. China's garment industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. Fashion design in the development of independent brands, enhance the brand 's core competitiveness in the process of increasing the role of designer groups more and more become the Most important driving force in the garment industry. Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association is in line with the development trend of Shenzhen fashion design, and in accordance with the ray ban sunglasses outlet store

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cheap ray ban sunglasses outlet continuous economic and social development, market demand and market competition on the fashion design industry requirements continue to improve The new situation, with the strong support of the community set up of. Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association marks the establishment of the Shenzhen fashion design industry into a new stage of integrated development. Zhou Shikang said in his speech, the designer association settled in Shenzhen, Is to promote fashion culture, building an important support of fashion capital. After the founding of the Association, will strengthen the designer team, to enhance the overall level of fashion design, fashion industry for the purpose of promoting the vigorous development, the full implementation Of 'service, self-discipline, standardize and improve' function, always put the service first, Personnel, market-oriented, industry-oriented, through the creation of network information platform, organized exhibitions, Other communication activities to enhance ray ban sunglasses factory outlet